Solid style


Serious letterpress for solid stylers! Sharp, slick solids with thick, consistent and even ink coverage make a heavy impact on the front alongside some very fine linework. We’re so confident in our letterpress techniques in avoiding show-through, we’re even showing you the back of the card! Letterpress printed exclusively for Australian branding and graphic design studio, Buttercup Ink.

Letterpress overview

This design involved extensive consultation in the design phase. The large solid areas and heavy text featuring alongside the finer text made this a unique project requiring a controlled variation of impression. The colour combination of red and grey required precise registration to avoid an unwanted third colour. The shape of the solid areas on an uncoated cotton stock required accurate ink control for thick, even colour coverage.

Client comment

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for the AMAZING job you did on the Ainslie and Jonathan invitations! They look great! I can’t wait to deliver them to the client next week!”
Vari Longmuir, ButtercupInk, Melbourne, Australia

The fine print

Designer: Vari Longmuir Buttercup Ink

2 Colours: Cool Grey 5 U + PMS 200 U

Magnani Etrusca 600gsm

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