From her to eternity


A rhythmical and poetic design with a grand entrance! The meticulously fine letterpress printed detail is crisp and pronounced on the hand-made Australian Lemon Bottlebrush seeded paper. Elegance and sophistication grounded by an earthy and textured 100% recycled stock.

Letterpress overview

The softness of this handmade paper meant a delicate hand was required with the amount of impression so as not to warp the paper or create show through on the reverse side. Combination of fine text and intricate lines alongside a heavily impressed solid script. Sharp lines, thick, solid black ink and individual impression of characters. The structural integrity of the paper is paramount. In the hands of a less experienced craftsman, it may well have crumbled.

Client comment

“They are beautiful. Thanks so much!”
Stephanie, Sydney

The fine print

Designer: The Artisan Press

1 Colour: Black

Lemon Bottlebrush Seeded Paper post-consumer hand-made in Australia 100% recycled

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