Rockaway beach


“The sun, the sea and the memories”. Where the sand meets the sea is where this couple unite with an emerald blue and sandy taupe colour combination, perfect for a beach wedding. This letterpress wedding suite was printed by The Artisan Press exclusively for Australian designer, and bride, Kristie Joyce. The calligraphy script and rounded corners add a relaxed and casual feel to this beautiful, nature-inspired suite. Hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach.

Letterpress overview

Extremely tight registration where the blue meets the taupe. Solid, even ink coverage on a heavily textured stock. 

Client comment

“I did pop in to see James at Magnani and he showed me the Acquerello cotton you’ll be letterpressing with – it’s perfect. I couldn’t think of using anything else!”
Kristie Joyce, Black Riding Hood, Melbourne, Australia

The fine print

Designer: Kristie Joyce Black Riding Hood Designs

2 Colours: PMS 7534 U + 320 U

Magnani Acquerello 400gsm Off-white

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