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Cleverly designed, masterfully letterpress printed. A story etched in your mind with individual impression of each character enhancing legibility. No sunken rows of text here, show-through, paper warp or uneven ink coverage. At the Artisan Press we offer you a refined and crafted look.

Client comment

“Just to let you know that I’m really happy with the business cards. They make a real ‘impression’ and I’ve received some great compliments from clients. You obviously take a lot of pride in your work, which is evident through your high standards of craftsmanship. I also really appreciated your expert advice. Thanks again.”
Eliot Harper

The fine print

Designer: Eliot Harper Eliot & Company

3 Colours: Warm Grey 11U + PMS 543U print 2 sides

KW Doggett Coaster board 390gsm

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