Etruscan gold


It must be alchemy! A finely crafted and award winning wedding invitation set letterpress printed by The Artisan Press. Designed by West Australian designer, Will Main, this wedding stationery shows the stunning results you can expect when your designer works hand in hand with The Artisan Press.

Silver Award, Limited Edition: Employers Mutual Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards 2012

Letterpress Overview

A large number of typefaces and a complex mix of solid and fine line work. A strictly controlled approach to avoid any issues with the very tight areas of registration between colours, especially on the corners. Each character has individual impression, rather than sunken rows of text, thereby maintaining the structural integrity of the paper and enhancing legibility of the text. Even ink coverage from top to bottom, left to right. The result looks finely crafted.

Client comment

“Our invites have arrived and we Love them! They are perfect, thank you so much.”
Mardi Gooding

The fine print

Designer: Will Main


2 Colours: Custom colour to match 7502 C + Black 7 U

Magnani Etrusca 600gsm Natural white

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