Bird is the word


Expertly crafted. A finely detailed and intricate wedding invitation designed by the bride, Australian graphic designer, Patricia Lee. This magical love-bird wedding invitation set was letterpress printed by The Artisan Press with exceptional attention to detail. Even the delicate birds’ eyes and wing lines are sharp and crisp.


Client comment

“… they look absolutely fabulous! We are really impressed with your craftsmanship and organisation. I must say of all the many people I have been dealing with in planning the wedding, you guys are the most organised when it comes to responding to enquiries, preparing quotes, answering my queries clearly, and most importantly DELIVERING! If you ever enter a competition for small business awards, I would definitely vote for you!”
Patricia Lee

The fine print

Designer: Patricia Lee

2 Colours: PMS 4625 + 186 U

Magnani Incisioni 310gsm Ivory

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